Many times we do not realize how much is being accomplished but God promises His Word "shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it".

When asked..." what God had done in their lives this year", students responded with the following:
  • 18 said they were saved
  • 18 said they redirected their life to God
  • 17 said they were filled with the Holy Spirit
  • 22 said they were refilled with the Holy Spirit
  • 36 said they were healed
  • 7 said they were called to ministry
  • 29 said they were set free from sin
  • 43 said they grew in the Lord

Asked... "if God had a major impact on their life this year", students answered:
  • Yes indeed, I learned how to speak in tongues
  • He showed me how to try and love my enemy
  • I overcame the death of a family member
  • He has helped me with relationship with family and friends
  • He has changed the way I talk to other people
  • Blessed me every day
  • Set me free from sin
  • He has helped me be a better person
  • I realized God had done a lot for me
  • He has helped me heal
  • He has changed my life
  • Gave me wisdom and knowledge
  • He has filled me with the Holy Spirit

Further comments from Students include the following:
  • God healed me in my sickness this year and helped me grow in the Lord
  • He showed me how to try and love my enemy
  • He changed my life in getting closer to Him
  • God is in my life every day and God helped me realize I need to be closer to Him
  • I love the Ministry and look forward to spending my Wednesdays and Sundays there
  • I overcame problems with the Lord. I didn't have a close relationship with Him and now I do
  • I got away from God when I came back to the Lord, I stopped doing all those things I was doing
  • I have accepted Him in my heart from the dark to the bright side

This is just a sample of the numerous testimonials received from Students past and present and many more can be viewed by visiting FCA.

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