In the book of Matthew ch. 7 v. 24-27 the Bible describes TWO men (wise and foolish) who built their house (life) upon two different foundations-(a rock & sand)-(Christ Jesus and the things of the world).
The passage goes onto to describe that when (not if) the storms (trials) of life arose, the house built upon the rock (Christ) did not fall, while the house built upon the sand not only fell but fell greatly!
The foundation of every Christian’s life is (should be) the WORD OF GOD! Here at FCA, our foundation is the WORD OF GOD! We begin each and every week with a Chapel Service where different speakers come and preach Jesus Christ (who HE was/is and what HE did at the Cross) along with anointed praise & worship that is led by the students.

The foundation is the most important aspect when building something. We desire to see each and every student’s lives built on THE ROCK (everything else is sinking sand).

Campus Pastor,
Keith Babin

© 2017