• that the student may find Christ as his Savior and cultivate a relationship with Him through prayer and the study of the Bible, thereby becoming a committed ambassador for Christ in today's world.

  • that the student will be motivated to become a lifelong learner; applying the research skills, critical thinking, and technological advances to his quest for knowledge and wisdom.

  • that the student will, out of his love for Christ, develop a compassion for all humanity; recognize the Godly potential of those in his own environments, as well as the remote areas of the globe; showing concern, respect, and kindness to all.

  • that the student will recognize God's order of government and will assume his scriptural position in the traditional family, the school, and society.

  • that the student will acquire a Biblical work ethic in his educational pursuits, co-curricular activities, and family responsibilities.

  • that the student will be prepared to meet the challenges of continued education by mastering effective study habits, becoming an avid reader, securing a solid mathematical and scientific foundation, acquiring healthy social skills, maintaining wholesome recreational activities and physical well-being to the glory of God.

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