Family Christian Academy’s high school curriculum, which does not utilize Common Core textbooks, builds upon our middle school and produces life-long learners who are capable scholars. Students participate in classes which utilize both computer-based learning and assessment techniques, while other classes reinforce traditional pencil and paper organization. Most classes in the high school incorporate technology into lessons to showcase the myriad of uses computers have and instruct students on the proper use of electronic devices. We hope that graduates of FCA are successful in whatever endeavors they pursue as the Christian leaders of tomorrow.

Family Christian Academy’s mathematics department helps students learn to organize their thoughts and develop logical thinking patterns. Teachers introduce students to mathematical ideas via a mix of lecture, hands-on, and inquiry-based styles, and students reinforce skills learned in class via a mix of electronic and paper resources. It is our hope that students realize that the ability to think logically, solve problems, and communicate complex numerical ideas are vital to their future. FCA is proud to utilize LSU’s vertically aligned curriculum for our honors classes and to offer students up to 11 hours of Dual Enrollment mathematics classes in partnership with Louisiana State University.

Mathematics Course Offerings:
Algebra I (Honors option available)
Geometry (Honors option available)
Algebra II (Honors option available)
Advanced Math (College Algebra & College Trigonometry for optional Dual Enrollment Credit)
Calculus (Optional Dual Enrollment Credit)
Calculus II & III (Honors option available)
Financial Math

Family Christian Academy’s English teachers seek to produce graduates who appreciate all types of literary works. Students receive rigorous grammar instruction, analyze literary works, and learn how to write to a diverse audience appropriately. We hope that when students graduate FCA, they are capable communicators who know how to articulate complex arguments not only in literary analysis but also on local and global issues. FCA is proud to offer up to twelve hours of Dual Enrollment English classes in partnership with Louisiana State University.
English Course Offerings:
English I, II, III, IV
English III and English IV may be taken for dual enrollment credit. Each semester of high school English can count as 3 hours of college-level instruction.

History and Geography
Family Christian Academy offers multiple classes in history to produce students who are well-versed in historical fact but also see it as the connective tissue for humankind. As such, our students explore historical documents and understand the context which led to these document’s production. Our students not only graduate with a broad knowledge of geography and history, but they also learn to express themselves respectfully and concisely about complex and contentious issues.

History Offerings:
Civics American History
World History
World Geography

Family Christian Academy’s science department hopes to produce individuals who appreciate the wonder in God’s creation and are equipped to not only understand the world around them but also apply the scientific method to problems they encounter later in their lives. Students learn about life science, physical science, chemistry, physics, and space via lecture, participation, field trips, and experiments.

Science Course Offerings:
Physical Science
Algebra-Based Physics
Calculus-Based Physics
Computer Science (Taught in C++)

ACT Career
Family Christian Academy offers the ACT and Career class to students who need special aid to prepare for the ACT and decide what steps to take next after graduation. In this class, students learn about finances, how to choose a college to attend, and explore various career opportunities.

High School Electives
Family Christian Academy offers a wide variety of electives to allow students to customize their high school curriculum as much as possible and prepare themselves for the future. In the 9th grade, students choose from electives in Band, Art, and Choir. Students who participate in choir are part of our Family Christian Academy Worship Team. Band students travel to attend competitions and hold two recitals each school year. Art students display their crafts several times per year and assist in campus life activities, from Dr. Seuss week to homecoming week.

During 10th-12th grades, students gain access to a wide variety of electives, from those which build upon student’s understanding of the arts, to others which prepare students for a rigorous STEM Major in college.

Elective Offerings:
Choir/FCA Chapel Worship Team
Tele productions
Computer Science (taught in C++)
Driver’s Education
Screen Printing

Bible Classes
Bible classes are held daily with teachings derived from various Jimmy Swaggart Ministry materials, and The King James Bible is at the core of all spiritual exploration.

Family Christian Academy holds Chapel serves each Wednesday, led by our campus pastor, Joseph Larson, and our FCA Worship Team. Once a month, FCA holds a joint chapel with students and professors from Jimmy Swaggart Bible College.

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