Family Christian Academy’s elementary curriculum, which does not utilize Common Core textbooks, focuses on building an educational foundation, which follows the Louisiana state-mandated curriculum and is rooted in Biblical principles. While modern electronic devices such as computer labs and chrome books are available for enrichment and classroom activities, FCA emphasizes that the student should first learn how to organize his/her thoughts with pencil and paper with penmanship and cursive handwriting to strike a balance between traditional and technology-based learning.

K4 – 5th A Beka
The A Beka curriculum inspires a love for learning and integrates Biblical values into many of the lessons presented to students. Family Christian Academy uses the A Beka curriculum for both science and mathematics. In mathematics, the curriculum begins with a focus on counting and mastering math facts to produce fluent students, capable of success, as mathematics becomes more abstract as the student ages. In science, students discover the world God made by studying life, the physical earth, and space, and learn how to apply the scientific method. We supplement the A Beka curriculum where necessary to increase the academic rigor provided to students to prepare them for the future better.

1st – 5th Shurley English
Abstract language arts concepts become clear and logical, using concrete, multi-sensory strategies that support all types of learners. FCA students also participate in the Accelerated Reading program. They have access to a large library of physical books as well as a vast digital library (the Accelerated Reading MyOn Digital Library) in every classroom.

Bible Classes/Chapel
FCA students attend Bible classes daily, and Chapel is every Tuesday.

Computer Classes
We offer typing classes to younger age groups within the elementary. As children age, they begin to learn the uses of a computer such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the internet.

Elementary students at Family Christian Academy participate in a variety of enrichment activities, including band, art, choir, and physical education. In fine arts electives, students learn to express themselves creatively via musical instruments, their voices, as well as painting and drawing. In physical education, students learn how to cooperate with peers and exercise good judgment in team games.

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