Family Christian Academy’s middle school curriculum, which does not utilize Common Core textbooks, builds upon the foundation of our elementary education and takes steps to develop students into independent, lifelong learners. Students continue to develop traditional skills with pencil and paper but regularly utilize modern electronics and participate in computer applications courses on laptops, learning how to use modern technology to both further learning and effectively communicate ideas.

The middle school A Beka mathematics curriculum finalizes fluency in math facts, fractions, decimals, and percent and builds upon the rigor of our elementary program by including more abstract topics such as area, perimeter, word problems, slope, and lines. An early transition to more abstract mathematics principles better prepares students for the transition into Algebra 1. We supplement the A Beka curriculum with custom-designed worksheets produced by a faculty member who has over forty years of mathematics teaching experience.

Advanced middle school students at FCA may take part in Algebra 1 as eighth-grade students for high school credit. FCA utilizes a vertically aligned curriculum designed by faculty at Louisiana State University and enhanced with ACT/SAT test-preparation concepts. This advanced curriculum prepares students to participate in college-level mathematics courses via Dual Enrollment in College Algebra, College Trigonometry, and Calculus by the time they graduate high school.

The middle school BJU Science Curriculum teaches a Christian worldview with critical thinking and hands-on learning. Students learn how to apply the scientific method to areas such as earth science, life science, and physical science. Students also use mathematical models to explain the world around them and participate in exciting experiments, from building volcanoes to exploring flora and fauna life on our sprawling campus, as well as more traditional experiments within our well-stocked laboratory.

Students participate in a rigorous English program that incorporates vocabulary, literature, writing, and grammar via the Shurley English curriculum. FCA students also participate in the Accelerated Reading program. They have access to a large library of physical books as well as a vast digital library (the Accelerated Reading MyOn Digital Library) in every classroom.

Students participate in history classes that focus on Louisiana State History, American History, and World History.

In the sixth grade, students further develop the keyboarding skills they learned during elementary school. During seventh and eighth grades, students discover how to use computer applications such as Word and PowerPoint in classes such as computer literacy and computer applications. Students have access to an Apple Mac Lab as well as a Chromebook Cart.

Bible Classes
Bible classes are held daily with teachings derived from various Jimmy Swaggart Ministry materials, and The King James Bible is at the core of all spiritual exploration.

Family Christian Academy holds Chapel serves each Wednesday, led by our campus pastor, Joseph Larson, and our FCA Worship Team. Once a month, FCA holds a joint chapel with students and professors from Jimmy Swaggart Bible College.

In middle school, students choose from electives in Band, Art, and Choir. Students who participate in choir are part of our Family Christian Academy Worship Team. Band students travel to attend competitions and hold two recitals each school year. Art students display their crafts several times per year and assist in campus life activities, from Dr. Seuss week to homecoming week. All middle school students participate in a physical education class, where they learn the importance of physical fitness, healthy eating choices, and how to participate in team-based games and sports.

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